Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

The amnesty law problem in Suriname - seen from someone living outside Suriname and the Netherlands

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Living in Germany this problem and all discussions in Suriname and the Netherlands about it is a white spot in the news and media landscape. I am surprised to read in Surinamese newspapers and to hear Surinamese polititians talk that the whole world is looking o­n Suriname and the recent decision of the Surinamese parliament in the amnesty question. This "Surinamese" sight o­n the world outside is maybe Suriname´s general problem. It´s characterized by a strange overestimation of it´s own importance.
The world outside for Surinamers in first place are the Netherlands. A state with a great history but nowadays -a view o­n the map shows it- a small European state. Even in the Netherlands the interest in Suriname is limited. Suriname´s economical importance for the Netherlands tends towards zero. In other states, even in neighbour countries like Germany most people never have heard of "Suriname" in their whole life.
I don´t mention this to degrade or humiliate Suriname. It´s a "great" country in the sense of beautiful. But it´s not important for the world if Bouterse is establishing a dictatorship there or not. This unimportance is setting the country in a kind of isolation and gives wide space for undemocratic systems based o­n the power of the big money, violence and suppression. The conclusion of this analysis is that the Surinamese people can hardly count o­n help from outside against despotism and dictatorship. To get rid of these ulcers the initiative must come from the own community. If not, Suriname will lapse to a "Wild West" state plundered by the new colonizers inside the own country.

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