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The actual amnesty law - result of an unbelievable naivete

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Comment written short before the elections in 2010 (09.05.2010):

Zoveel jaren front-Tik from Jurgen Lisse o­n Vimeo

This video is well made. But it doesn´t show the whole truth about the problems in Suriname. The biggest problem is not of economic nature. It´s the actual spirit of the Surinamese society which is shown and expressed by the support of criminal party leaders like Bouterse and Brunswijk in the coming elections. I am shocked by the low moral standards, the materialism and the unbelievable naivete of many people, especially those who claim to be intellectuals. The economical sell-out practiced by the actual government is topped now by an ethic bankruptcy.
Even if  Bouterse and the NDP will fail in winning the coming elections, Suriname´s respectability in the world is ruined. There is no other country in the whole civilized world where condemned criminals like Bouterse and Brunswijk, both hunted by international arrest warrants, who ruined the country in a military coup and a civil war, can be top candidates of big political parties and even candidates for president. That´s a great joke for people with black humor and a reason to be deeply frustrated for everyone who loves this country.

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